Dens and Dandelions Year 2 Autumn 2013

Our Cornerstones project ‘Dens and Dandelions’ has really inspired us to become engaged, hands-on Year 2 learners. We focussed on forest skills through Scientific exploration. We discovered plants, trees and creatures found in a woodland habitats. We developed our Scientific and Mathematical skills by observing and recording a range of information. We discussed how to care for a woodland habitat, making good Eco links.
We have been very lucky because visitors have been into school to help us with our learning. Gary, our soldier friend, visited twice to teach us how to build the most effective dens, including a basha that he used in the jungle! Forest Fiona and Woodland William needed waterproof, spacious dens which the children used their group skills to make together. Gary also came in after the Fire Service had visited to show us how to safely light a campfire. Most of us thought our beans were delicious
We were amazed when we followed a dandelion dust trail to our classrooms to discover Princess Dandelion waiting for us with an exceptional letter. It was a special invitation to join her for a Woodland Party to celebrate ‘Wishing Dandelion Time’. We were very busy indeed designing menus and invitations for magical guests. We prepared all of the food for the party and even wrote the instructions for the party games. When the Party Day finally arrived, we all dressed up in magical woodland creature costumes – we had fairies, magicians, goblins, elves, a bee and even a ladybird join us for the party. We loved our party games, especially Pass the Pixie Parcel, Stick the Crown on Princess Dandelion, Stick the Hat on Ed the Elf and Pin the Tail on the Unicorn.
We have been developing our Language and Literacy skills and have been applying our Read write Inc skills to help us write simple reports about our first hand experiences. We have also ordered and written factual sentences about the life cycle of a dandelion. We have continued to develop our ICT skills using the iPads; using the app Colour Effects to change the colour of Woodland Animals and dandelion pictures and Pic Collage to design attractive menus. We explored our creative skills through using lots of different media to create; leaf rubbings, leaf collages and seed pictures. We also explored the natural sounds we might hear in the woodland and re-created them using our voices and instruments.
What a way to start Year 2! It has been such an exciting and inspiring way to learn. We can’t wait for our next theme ‘Electric Rainbow’ after half term