Autumn Term Learning

Year 5 have had a very exciting and busy half term during which we have completed our 3 week swimming programme and we have enjoyed our new and interesting topic ‘What a Wonderful World’ focusing on Lesotho and Wales. We have engaged in exciting and stimulating activities where we have been developing many key skills- focussing especially on Geography, ICT, History, Maths and PSHE. We have also been following our daily Read Write Inc. and Maths Makes Sense programmes.

Safety Comes First

This term we have had both PC Sharon Davies and a fire fighter in to talk to use about keeping safe at home and in our local communities. During these sessions we learnt about anti social behaviour in our neighbour hoods and how to keep safe in the event of a fire at home and in school. We all had lots of fun trying on the fire fighters equipment. 

Read Write Inc.

We have been following the Language and Literacy Programme for Year 5 in Read Write Inc., focusing on poetry and persuasive writing as it links with our Corner Stones theme. We have all enjoyed studying poetry and have recently written some beautiful pieces, which we have read and celebrated in class. 

Keeping Clean Together

We have also been learning about personal hygiene and how germs can spread. We are currently awaiting the Germ Buster machine, which checks our hands for bacteria. This is important in preparation for our senior citizen tea party, which we in year 5 have been made responsible for.