Autumn Term Learning

Pupils in Year 6, are incredibly lucky, they have each been allocated an iPad for individual use which is evidently having such a positive impact on their learning. 

The first half of the Autumn Term, Year 6 have enjoyed looking at the theme ‘Scream Machine’. We started off the term with a visit to Carmarthen Town Park to explore forces in action. The children had a fantastic time seeing how forces work in our everyday lives. ‘Scream Machine’ has primarily had a scientific focus, with children looking at roller coasters and forces.

The pupils have participated in scientific investigations based on forces and have created a fact file and on Sir Isaac Newton.  The children have had a fantastic time researching roller coasters from around the world and they have used ICT to create various fact files and information resources. 

Our Literacy focus this half term has been non-chronological reports. The children have had the opportunity to read and evaluate various reports and they have created colourful informative leaflets about forces.  They have also used their iPads to create shape poems about Roller coasters. They have been very fortunate to have had a hands on experience in designing and making their own theme park rides using K-Nex with Excel Wales.  As usual they are continuing to make good progress with MMS and RWI.

The final part of the Autumn term will be spent looking at the ‘The Blitz’.  They will be given opportunities to research and learn about the main events of WWII, including rationing, evacuation, influential characters and to end the theme they will hold a VE-Day tea party. We are looking forward to the innovative and exciting work the children will produce during the next half term.