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Dosbarth Caerleon - Mr Cousins/Miss Devenish
Dosbarth Cydweli - Miss Jones

When the children enter Year 5 they commence the upper Key Stage 2 programme of study. This means our expectatinos for presentation, pace and task completion increase. By now the children are able to respond positively to challenge and are expected to manage their time and organise their belongings in a mature and thoughtful way. 

The whole school themes for this age group cover the National Curriculum subjects and provide ample opportunity for higher level skill development for example in reading and in problem solving. Most children will be working on Read, Write Inc Comprehension Plus and covering some difficult aspects of computation in Maths Makes Sense.  

The Digital Curriculum offers the ideal opportunity for children in this age group to use ICT and e-learning side by side. We expect the children to select the most appropriate learning tool to present, record, analyse and reflect upon their learning.

Your child will have the opportunity to develop Learning Skills in Thinking, Communication, Number and ICT across the curriculum in all lessons.  S/he will develop Personal and Social skills by working with partners, in groups and as part of a mixed class.  Many lessons are enhanced by knowledge and understanding of the language and culture of Wales through the Curriculum Cymreig. 

Upper Key Stage 2 children will have specific activities to help them form opinions about careers and the World of Work. We want our children to have ambitions for themselves and their future. We try to help the children learn the importance of speaking and presenting themselves in the best possible light. We encourage the children to be personable, polite, honest and considerate. 

Following the successful introduction of the home learning Maths scheme last school year, we are introducing the '11's Club' to improve standards in spelling this year. This club is based on the children improving their ability to read and spell the high frequency words. As with the Maths award scheme it is progressive, both schemes are commenced in Year 1 and continues at the childs pace. We are very grateful to parents who actively support these programmes. 


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