All Aboard!

The Techi Trains are an innovative learning tool which will soon be integrated as an exciting new resource to encourage 'modern day' learning in Johnstown Primary School.  

The Techi Trains will not only give our pupils the freedom to explore, create and evaluate their learning, but they will also enable them to choose the way in which they would like to present and/or record their work.

There will be an Infant Techi Train and a Junior Techi Train. They will visit classes around the school on a timetabled basis. The equipment and software contained within each Techi Train will be appropriate to the age of the pupils within the classes they are visiting, but both Trains will house the latest state of the art technology and resources. You name it, the Techi Trains have it - iPads, iPods, Wireless Notebooks, Flip Cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, Easy Speak Microphones, digital microscopes, Bee-bots/Probots and more. 

Both pupils and staff at our school are very excited about our future learning with these fantastic new resources.