At Johnstown Primary School our Eco Councillors understand the important role that they have embarked on.

Eco Councillors 2012/2013 

Year 6 

Lily Price
Kyle Washborne
Jayden McCann
Thomas Green 

Year 5

Cameron Price
Paige Williams
Kyle Baker

Year 4 

Chloe John
Ellie Loweth
James Voaden 

Year 3

Carwyn Tennant
Maryam Amir
Maggie Vetter
Ruby Gravelle
Phillip James 

Year 2

Ryan Magness
Lia Summer
Jenna Loweth
Adil Rafique 

Year 1

Roman Vetter
Klara Housova


At our school our Eco Committee decided to allocate areas to each year group. Topic areas are reviewed annually by the committee.  Currently:

Early Years/Foundation- School Grounds
Foundation Classes - Healthy Living
Year 3- Litter
Year 4- Energy 
Year 5- Waste Minimisation
Year 6- Transport Global Citizenship

The benefits to the pupils learning are significant. We know everyone has a unique learning, working and thinking style and the diversity of tasks that are undertaken recognises this. The practical ‘real-life’ activities and experimental learning in the outside classroom help develop thinking and enable pupils to make connections between subjects. These are fundamentally important key skills in a 21st century school.  

Support is crucial for the success of outdoor learning.  

The Eco School programme is a long term activity with the Green Flag Award being re-assessed and renewed every two years. ( Our next award will be the Platinum Gold Award.