Johnstown School is a large nursery and primary school with, at different times in the year, between 380 and 400 pupils aged from 3 to 11. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school with high standards of both achievement and attainment. The school team embraces the traditional values of a broad and balanced curriculum whilst also understanding and promoting the need for a modern, creative and innovative ethos.

We structure the school in this way:

Foundation Phase - Nursery, Reception and Infants Classes

Junior Classes – Key Stage 2 - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Within this structure our children are grouped into smaller numbers, usually between 20 and 30 pupils in each class. Each class has a designated teacher and teaching assistant support.

Play and lunch times are linked into this structure, so that the children can use the school’s outdoor facilities safely, and with children of a similar age.

Children are taught mainly by their class teacher. Sometimes your child may be taught by another teacher. This teacher will, for the majority of children, be the other teacher(s) in the Year Group or Department.

Classes combine for music, assemblies, games lessons, off-site visits and some story times.  Specialist teachers are used for a number of classes in the Junior Department for example in Welsh, Music, PE, Art and Design Technology.  Support staff assist teachers in specific aspects too. The majority of AEN/SEN support is carried out within the classroom, however, certain skills may be practised away from the child's class.

We believe all children learn best when they feel happy and secure in their learning environment. All scholl staff are commited to ensuring the children are nutured, listened to and encouraged to contribute to their own learning and to the school as a learning community.

When the children are taught in mixed-ability classes, the work prepared is stimulating and engaging for all learners. The teachers are skilled in supporting the needs of individual children so that every child achieves success and is challenged to achieve his/her best. This applies to children who require a greater level of support and those of exceptional ability.

The classes follow a timetable which ensures the development of Key Skills and covers all areas of learning and subjects in the National Curriculum, PSE and Religious Education.  Additional time, in the main, is given to PSE and ICT. We believe personal and social skills are the bedrock to a successful and happy life. The is a balanced physical development programme we offer helps us to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our learners for example our regular focused physical activity sessions. Daily opportunities are given to the children to share their worries and to seek solutions to their concerns. There is a culture of mutual respect which is fostered through the school motto, school rules and school creed. Increasingly emerging technology are having a positive effect on our learning and teaching programme. The combination of a well structured skills programme e.g. Read Write Inc and Maths Makes Sense is enhanced by imaginative theme choices and the use of a variety of mobile devices. Our endeavour is to ensure our children have the necessary skills to succeed in 21st century life.