We believe in the value of parents and teachers working together to help children enjoy school and to achieve full potential as learners. We try hard to make every family feel welcome and comfortable in our school and hope that each pupil will benefit fully from our carefully planned curriculum. We believe in the value of the education we offer and that it is possible to meet individual learner needs when all those involved in the care of the child, whether at home or at school want the same.

Family life and the experiences shared with family and friends are very important to the child. We encourage children to share their experiences with us and to bring in holiday diaries, scrapbooks, momentos or photographs particularly when they relate to classroom activities.

Each term during the school year we arrange for parents and teachers to meet to discuss learning and progress.  We are happy to arrange appointments at any other time too and regularly see parents at the end of each day (after the classes have been dismissed) for general queries or urgent matters. We hold clinics for parents of children who have additional learning needs, dates are posted in advance.

Workshops are arranged to help families understand what we teach and how the children learn. Look out for Internet Safety, Read Write Inc and Maths sessions for example.