Some pupils in Johnstown School require additional support in order to access learning at our school.  The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales outlines the requirements the Welsh Assembly expect when meeting the needs of pupils with additional needs.

Pupils who require additional support are placed at Early Years Action / School Action, Early Years Action Plus / School Action Plus or Statmented.  The type of, frequency and amount of support are individual to the pupils’ needs.

AEN provision is managed by Miss Beth Hickman, SENCo (Year 3 teacher), with support from Mrs Jill Nicholas, Assistant SENCo (Foundation Phase teacher).  Specific support is provided for some pupils by Mrs Judy Baxter (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)

To ensure clear lines of communication are established, AEN clinics are held each term.  Dates are sent home and displayed on the AEN information board to allow parents and carers to attend a meeting to discuss progress or worries and concerns.

Please click here to see Autumn Term 2013 Clinic dates


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to request a clinic date to discuss your child’s needs. 

Please go to the 'Learning Links' page of our website for a list of useful websites designed to encourage interactive learning and support pupils with additional needs.