We are able to provide guidance and support for Home learning for all age groups in school. Please click on the links below to view information which we hope will be useful to you; alternatively, please call into the school office to ask for paper copies. 

Our best advice is that any time spent with your child doing the suggested activities is helpful. We understand that family life can be busy but home learning is best done a little and often. In the Juniors a structured pattern of Homework is given four evenings a week, this will usually reinforce classroom tasks or learning. When staff give homework we expect that it will be completed and returned to school the following day. We ask that parents let us know if there are any problems with Homework or Home learning so that we can help. We very much appreciate being informed if there is a reason why homework has not been done.

Letter and Number formation                                         Left Handed Letter Fomation

          Super Six Skills                                              Magnificent Seven Skills

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