The list of links below will navigate you to websites where Open Source software can be downloaded for either PC, Mac or Linux. The applications available from these websites are free and many are utilised by our pupils in school to develop their personal ICT skills, in accordance with Curriculum 2008 documentation. Please take the opportunity to visit these links and download the applications, as a means of assisting your child's ICT development at home.

Children, always ask for your parents' permission before downloading anything from the internet.

Image Manipulation 

Irfan View


Gnu Image Manipulation Programme 2

Sumo Paint


Photos to Movies

Photo Story 3

2D Animation



3D Modeling

Lego 3D Designer

Logo / Turtle



Sound Recording/Manipulation


Mind Mapping

Freemind (Requires Java to run)


Office Suite

Open Office

General Curriculum Software

CSFsoftware (Education)

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