When the weather forecast indicates we can expect extreme/bad weather the following arrangements are made in the event of school closure.

Parents are asked to have contingency plans in place in case school needs to close.  We reassure parents that if is necessary to close school the decision will be made as early as possible.  We understand this is particularly difficult, especially for parents who use the breakfast club which opens from 8.00am.  We therefore emphasise the need for parents to ensure school has contact numbers in case the decision to close takes place after children have arrived at school, and that there is alternative provision for children should parents be at work.


The timing of the decision is influenced by local weather conditions, staff availability as well as safety.  Whilst we understand that everyone would like to know as soon as possible if school is to be closed or not, each of these matters needs to be carefully considered before the decision is made. 

The decision to close school will be on the Carmarthenshire County Council website, www.carmarthenshire.gov.uk, click on School Disruptions on the home page and use the search facility to go to Johnstown.  Click on Go – “no disruption for today” means we are open or if there is disruption we are closed and details will be seen.  There will also be a message on this website and on the school’s answer phone system. 


During snow and icy weather conditions our Premises Officer will do his best to clear and grit the pathways.  Families are requested to walk only where this has been done.  We do not have facilities to clear the car park.  The decision to close the school car park may be taken if conditions are severe.

Parents/adults are advised to make their own decisions with regard to using the car park based on individual circumstances.




All families are encouraged to use the footpaths and to hold their children’s hands and ensure sensible footwear is worn.  Please also note the following:

  • Children will remain indoors when temperatures are low and/or the playground is covered in snow/ice.
  • Slippers may be used indoors (please provide a peg or bag to keep outdoor footwear together).
  •  The after school club will probably be open if school is open.  Parents are required to check with  Care Club organiser on 01267 232830.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  Please bear in mind that extreme weather causes difficulties for everyone concerned and additional patience and forebearance is necessary. Diolch yn fawr.

Radio Carmarthenshire (FM 97.1)

Listen for notice of closure (please note only closures are reported). If you do not hear Johnstown Primary School as closed, we will be open. Please note the radio sometimes refers to QE High as Johnstown School. Listen for Johnstown Primary School.

School Answer Machine

Ring the school number 01267 236653 to listen to the message on the school answer machine.

Carmarthenshire County Council Website

Go to the CCC website: www.carmarthenshire.gov.uk and scroll to Johnstown to discover the school's status.