We are proud of all of our children, their levels of attainment and the development of their personal and social skills. Our results indicate good standards are achieved here as compared to the all Wales and Carmarthenshire schools data. These comparisons enable us to critically analyse pupil performance. The tables show a comparison between our school's results and those of all schools in Wales. Since the introduction of the Foundation Phase curriculum in Wales there has been a change in the assesment arrangements.

Children in the foundation phase (age 3 - 7) are assesed according to outcomes 1 - 6. Children in Key stage 2 (age 7 - 11) are assesed according to national curriculum levels 1 - 6. The majority of children at the end of year 2 will achieve outcome 5. The majority of children at the end of year 6 will achieve level 4.

Our performance data clearly shows that Johnstown School children achieve better results than children locally, in similar schools in Wales, in the County of Carmarthenshire and across Wales as a whole.

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