Global Goals

This year in Johnstown Primary School we are doing Global Goals week. For this, the headteacher assigned each year a different goal that the United Nations agreed in the year 2000. At this point we are just over half way through the time allowed for the United Nations to complete the aims and objectives for the Global Goals. The United Nations decided that by 2030 we should have eradicated poverty and hunger,improved health and well-being and ensure that every country has clean water.

There are 17 Global Goals in total, some of which we have been assigned during the course of the week. Year 5 were focusing on Renewable Energy, which is goal number 7. If the United Nations reach their aims in energy saving, Governments could save more money and then will be able to buy more food for their people. Year 4 have been doing clean water and sanitation, which is goal 6. If this is completed by 2030 life spans will be increased for humans and animals.

Year 3 have been studying goal number 3, which is health and well-being. This goal could increase education, as children will be able to go to school more often in poorer countries. Year 2 studied goal number 2, which is 'No Hunger'. This goal, when completed, will help children all around the world to have more food and therefore children will be happier and healthier. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have been doing goal number 15, which is 'Life on Land'. This could could help scientists because they could discover animals and medicines which they did not know existed.

'Wear it Wild' Fundraiser

As it was Global Goals week at Johnstown Primary School on Friday, pupils were lucky enough to wear animal costumes to support worthy causes. Alternatively, colours could be worn to represent different Global Goals across the school. Blue was worn to support water aid, green was worn to raise awareness of climate change and purple to support polio. Classmates were encouraged to bring in £1 for dressing up. The money raised will be given to four charities, WWF, Water Aid, Dolen Cymru and Polio. There will be several events around the school, to raise even more money. Each year group will be doing their own events. 'Wear it Wild' was a successful way to raise money for all of these important charities.

To find out about the children's Global Learning during the week please click on the 'Johnstown Journal' link below.

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