Johnstown Primary School – Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision, values and aims are at the core of everything we do at Johnstown Primary School. They underpin our learning and teaching, and provide an environment which enables our pupils to develop as confident, happy, 21st Century Citizens of Wales, equipped for lifelong learning in an ever changing world.                                                                                                                                                    

We are an ambitious school where our mission statement ‘Be All You Can Be’ underpins our Core Values. We encourage all our learners to ‘Respect Others, Respect Yourself, Be a Good Learner’. Individuals are valued, achievements celebrated and our pupils, staff and community are united, healthy and secure to learn together through a lively, innovative and holistic curriculum.




At Johnstown Primary School we are proud of each other and ourselves. We nurture all of our community so that we grow as capable, responsible and fulfilled people. Our focus at Johnstown Primary School is about more than just learning.  Developing the whole child remains our priority, with achievement and attainment equally valued.


Our School Creed below reflects the ethos of our school and the critical partnership between pupils, teachers, parents, Governors and our Community.


‘This is our School

And we are Family

Let us promise together

That this shall be a place

Where we love one another

As brothers and sisters

Let us promise together

That this shall be a happy place

Where we can learn

About the world around us’




Addewid Ysgol Tre-Ioan

 ‘Dyma ein Hysgol,

a theulu y’m ni

Dewch i ni addo gyda’n gilydd

Mai lle i garu ein gilydd

Fel brodyr a chwiorydd fydd hwn

Dewch i ni addo gyda’n gilydd

Mai lle hapus fydd hwn

Ble ddysgwn

Am y byd o’n cwmpas’


  Because …

Together we make the difference

Together we shape the world around us

Together the future is brighter 


School Aims

  • To provide the highest academic standards in all aspects of the curriculum, continually monitoring and reviewing our learning and teaching practices
  • To recognise and celebrate pupil’s achievement and attainment in equal measures
  • To foster pupils’ enthusiasm and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to be ‘successful, capable and creative learners’
  • To provide an environment which is secure, inclusive, stimulating and challenging
  • To develop pupils’ confidence, perseverance, self-esteem and resilience ensuring that each individual is effectively motivated to do his/her best
  • To proactively, fairly and consistently support the community with challenging situations through the use of the Restorative Practice Approach
  • To develop critical independence skills as appropriate to age and stage of learning
  • To be aware that each child has unique qualities, and provide the environment for those qualities to be developed
  • Through Pupil Voice and Personal Centred Planning, cater for the individual needs of every child
  • To give a context to our children’s learning, by providing breadth and balance and cross curricular links where possible
  • To work in partnership with parents, the wider community, and other schools collaboratively to ensure consistency and raise standards for all
  • To prepare our children for life in society and to show respect and tolerance towards others, behave responsibly and treat others the way we would like to be treated, irrespective of background and life choices
  • To be adaptive and entrepreneurial to prepare for life-long learning within an evolving digital age
  • To help children understand their role globally, promote sustainability and become ethically informed citizens of Carmarthen, Wales and the wider World
  • To encourage tolerance, through understanding of different faiths and beliefs and first hand experiences
  • To be proud of our Welsh heritage, and enjoy learning bilingually, inside and outside the classroom


School Motto

The School Motto is integral to the ethos of our school.  As a staff encourage each child to achieve their full potential and this is reflected in:


“Be All You Can Be”


The school is a family which endeavours to involve parents fully in their child’s learning, both at school and at home. We also aim to involve the School in the life of the Community, providing the pupils with a sense of responsibility and citizenship, which we hope they will continue as they grow and develop.  Our Motto is intended to help the child, family and school support each other in achieving goals which require respect, motivation, perseverence, kindness and teamwork. 

Our School Logo was created in the Year 2000, at the start of the New Millennium! Several new ideas were created and the children voted for their favourite. 
The design chosen incorporates an outline of the Johnstown stone bridge and our school motto “Be all you can be” these are embraced within the arms of a child.

Our Logo can be seen on school signs, letter heads, in classrooms and as we have a school uniform it is embroidered in yellow on our blue sweatshirt and cardigans. It is situated over the heart to symbolise its importance in the lives of the children. 


School Rules

In Johnstown Primary School we have 3 School Rules which we try to follow in everything we do.   At the start of each term we revisit the school rules in assembly and ask the children to suggest how our rules are applied.  Below are some of their ideas about how they can fulfill their responsibilities.  As we were approaching the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, the school council reviewed our rules and decided that Be a Good Pupil should become Be a Good Learner.  This was agreed with all classes and has been changed since January 2011.

School Rule 1 : RESPECT OTHERS

Helping others
Offering friendship
Demonstrating Kindness
Learning to Listen
Using your manners and remember to say "please" and "thank you".
Maintain eye contact
Remembering to smile
Learning to compromise



Keeping your desk clean and tidy
Presenting your work well
Looking after your property and equipment
Learning to compromise
Showing your best behaviour
Remembering to be positive
Keeping your hands, feet and unkind comments to yourself
Looking after other people's property
Remembering to be friendly
Being kind to your brothers, sisters and friends
To uphold our Eco School status by remembering to put waste in the correct place


School Rule 3 : BE A GOOD LEARNER

To work hard and always do your best
To listen to your teachers and help them where needed
To respect all adults in the school
To always sit smartly and quietly when others are speaking
To remember to use your manners
To persist even though you may find difficulty with the challenge
To be a good friend to others
To share thoughts and ideas with others to achieve a goal