Criw Craff Assembly

The Criw Craff is a Pupil Council that has been established to help educate the learners in Johnstown Primary School about online safety and digital citizenship through peer tutoring. 

The group, which has represetatives from Year 2 to Year 6, meet weekly to explore esafety websites and resources that can be shared with their peers.  The children are also responsible for creating resources that can be shared with their peers through the Hwb learning platform.  The core aim of this Pupil Council is to ensure that students around the school are aware of the SMART Rules for being safer on the internet.

SMART Web Poster

The Criw Craff have also spoken to parents about online safety during Family Assemblies held at the School.  The children feel that it is important that parents also hear these important messages, and have an opportunity to see the materials they have been using and preparing.  To find out more about the Criw Craff's most recent activities please expand the link below:

Criw Craff End of Year Report

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Johnstown Criw Craff Report 2016 17

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SMART Rules Quiz

Click on the link below to try the SMART Rules quiz created by our Criw Craff:


Smart Rules Quiz