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Johnstown Primary Eco School Project

Johnstown Primary School worked hard to ensure sustainable development is an integral part of its life and ethos. The whole school is united in this common cause. By encouraging pupils to take responsibility for the environmental management of the school we are developing increased sense of ownership for their school surroundings. We have built strong partnerships. This has enabled us to draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the school and local community and from businesses, associations and clubs. 

The Eco School programme is a long term activity with the Green Flag Award being re-assessed and renewed every two years. ( We successfully achieved the Platinum Gold Award, during the Summer Term 2012. 

We need You !! 

On the Committee we have adult members also. We are always seeking support to enable the children's aspirations to come to life. If you would like to become involved please do, we have lots of fun and gain a huge sense of satisfaction from our projects.


Our Eco Councillors

At Johnstown Primary School our Eco Councillors understand the important role that they have embarked on.

Eco Councillors 2014/2015 

Year 6 

Emily Green
Zac Williams
Katie Matthews
Ben Harris Price

Year 5

Sinead Jones
Daniel Thomas
Dalia Baker
Phillip James

Year 4 

Lola Vyse-Jones
Yunus Baba-Gana
Jenna Loweth
Lewys Thomas

Year 3

Isla Godden
Rory Gravelle
Chloe Harley-Shaw
Ioan Jones
Phillip James 

Year 2

Daniel Wild
Maira Siwonia
Lucas Yelland
Phoebe Evans

Year 1

James Brooker
Mia Davies


At our school our Eco Committee decided to allocate areas to each year group. Topic areas are reviewed annually by the committee.  Currently:

Early Years/Foundation- School Grounds
Foundation Classes - Healthy Living
Year 3- Litter
Year 4- Energy 
Year 5- Waste Minimisation
Year 6- Transport Global Citizenship

The benefits to the pupils learning are significant. We know everyone has a unique learning, working and thinking style and the diversity of tasks that are undertaken recognises this. The practical ‘real-life’ activities and experimental learning in the outside classroom help develop thinking and enable pupils to make connections between subjects. These are fundamentally important key skills in a 21st century school.  

Support is crucial for the success of outdoor learning.  

The Eco School programme is a long term activity with the Green Flag Award being re-assessed and renewed every two years. ( Our next award will be the Platinum Gold Award. 


Our Eco Code

Eco-Code is our mission statement. It demonstrates our commitment to continually enhancing our environmental performance and sustainability.

Click here to view our Eco Pledges. 

Tuska Tre-Ioan

Have you met our Eco friend ‘Tuska Tre Ioan’? As you walk around the school you can’t but help bump into our Eco friend, Tuska! ‘Tuska the Elephant’ is always on hand to display his excellent sustainability actions.

Tuska was created by Thomas in 6L. We had amazing entries to our Eco Mascot competition click on the video link to be dazzled by some of them. These Eco Creations were produced solely by the children and display their true enthusiasm and commitment to helping their planet. 

We adopted Tuska the elephant as we all know that elephants are a creature that never forget. Tuska never forgets to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, Do you? 

The Eco Council suggested that we could adopt an elephant through WWF which we now have done. Our Asian elephant is named ‘Kiruba’ (Tamil for ‘Grace’). Kiruba is pronounced Ke-ru-ba. She is 40 years old and has two offspring. A son called Anand and a daughter named Tula. Kiruba and her family live in ‘Corbett National Park’