Attending school on time and every day is a good habit to establish with children from an early age. Most families make a good effort to ensure their children arrive for the start of school at 9.00am some do not. We appeal to all parents to recognise that when they are late it is not acceptable to interrupt lessons for other children or to distract the teacher from the focus of their teaching. The arrangement is for latecomers to enter via the main reception where a record is maintained, this means we can ensure registers are accurate and the kitchen is informed if necessary. Parents can not expect to walk through school with their child/ren.  We ensure a member of staff will help children arrive safely in class with minimum disruption to others.

Parents need to support their child’s education by ensuring that holidays are not taken during school term time and informing school promptly if their child is absent for any reason.  Regulations do not allow the Head Teacher to authorise all absences from school.

Pupil Attendance - 94.51%
Authorised Absence - 5.21%
Unauthorised Absence - 0.28%

The Welsh Assembly Government expects all schools to achieve 95% attendance each school year. We did not achieve this target. The 95% target applies to every Primary aged child too. This means children are expected not to have more than 10 days absence (sickness OR holiday) during the year. Some of our children do not achieve this target. We appreciate the efforts the majority of families make to support their child’s learning by ensuring they attend school regularly.